359 – Denied Virginity Of Mary (demo tape)

AA.VV. - Italian Tribute To Darkthrone

AA.VV – Solve et coagula- the Italian tribute to mortuary drape (tape)

About Abortions - Substance Of My Psychosis (cd full length)

Ad Omega - Golden Age In Blasphemy (ep)

Ad Omega - Tenebris Templum (cd)

Aethyrick - Apotheosis (cd full length)

Agathos - Nihil Est

Agrath – The Fall Of Mankind (ep cd)

Aigilas – Peccatum Mortiferum (album cd)

Aisuragua – Journey Through Misery And Desolation (demo tape)

Aisuragua – Undiscovered Frontiers (demo tape)

Aivarim – Adore Mortal Passion (demo cd)

Aldarthod – Demo (demo cd)

Ancestral Kvltv – Ancestral Kvultv (demo cd)

Ancient Mastery - Chapter One: Across The Mountains Of The Drämmarskol (tape album)

Aquer – Por El Signo De Los Cuernos (cd)

Arcanum Inferi/Grimwald/Northern Tod - Saturnia Tellus (3 way split cd)

Arcanus Nox – Funeral World (demo cdr)

Armed Death – In Battle 1991 – 2007 (cd compilation)

Aryan Art/Furor – Split tape

Asakta - Cold Winter Rain (handnumbered pro tape ep)

Asgrauw - Schijngestalten (cd album, digipack)

Athos - With Darkest Hails (Full length cd)

Atomizer – The War That Never Ended (demo tape)

Augure Funebre – Au Travers Des Forêts Profondes (cd)

Averno – S21: Odio Totale (demo cd)

Azer/Unleash Hell – When Globes Of Fire unite in hell (demo cd)

Azgarath - Echoes From The Past (double cd album)

Azgeroth – The Grim Reign Of Belzebu (demo tape)

Barbatos – Drunk Punk Metal Night Of Cuntcert (live tape)

Baxaxaxa - Catacomb Cult (cd full length)

Beast Of Torah – Necro Nihilist Inferno (demo cd)

Beyond Light – After before (demotape)

Beyond The Ninth Wave/Leichenstätte/Obehag/Totgeburt – Doomed To Die (split, dvd case)

Black Mass Pervertor – Church Of Apocalyptic Hyperbole (demo tape)

Blasphemous Noise Torment – Blood Purge (demo cd)

Blerthrung - Blindvei (cd album with xeroxed cover,including a sticker of band's logo)

Bloody Ritual – Hail Victory (demo tape)

Bloody Ritual/Entsetzlich/Wolfhollow/Nevelrijk – Total Black Onslaught Of Death (split cd)

Branstock – Ohne Opfer Keinen Sieg (demo tape)

Brume D’Automne/Teutates – par le lys (split tape)

Burian - Rancore (demo cd)

C.L.B. – C.L.B. (ambient - cd)

C.L.B. – Lunaril (ambient - cd)

Caruos – Brista (demo tape)

Casket Lair – Ancient Curse (demo tape)

Causam - Doomsday Rapture (cd album, digipack)

Cave Growl/Nightcreepers – Quand la Gallia Se Dresse (split cd)

Celestia – Dead Insecta Sequestration (tape)

Celestial Annihilator- Annihilation For Esoteric Nascency (cd full length)

Celtefog - Deliverance (full lenght cd)

Cold From Beyond – Dusk (demo tape)

Corvus Invictus – Über Alles (demo cd)

Damnatur – One True Black Religion – Part I (demo tape)

Damnatur – One True Black Religion – Part II (demo tape)

Damnatur – Saatanan Evankeliumi (demo cd)

Déhà - Contrasts II (full length cd)

Deadly Carnage – Decadenza (tape album)

Deathville - No Chance With The Malicious (full length cd)

Demiurg/Blodulv/Monomania – Total Human Demise (tape)

Deranger – Broken Heaven (demo tape)

Desolation (Fra) – Lueur Morte (demo tape)

Diabolical Fullmoon - The Pagan Wolves Will Rise Again (cd full length)

Dig – Chiasso oscuro (ambient - cd)

Dig – La mia cura non ha malattia (ambient - cd)

Dirty Samantha/Spectre – Vortice Oscuro (tape – ambient)

Djur – В Потоках Хаоса Кровей (tape album)

Dunkelheit - Endless Dream About Final Deliverance (rehearsal tape)

Dunkelheit - Eternal Curse of the Carpathians (Tape compilation)

Dwelling – Pierced Thoughts Of Desolation… (demo tape)

Dystertid - Auf Faehrten alter Tage (full lenght cd)

Ecce Homo – Rehearsal Demo (rehearsal tape)

Elegos - To Those Lying In The Fields Of Glory (demo cd)

Emortualis – Rewritten By Death (cd compilation)

Empire Of Hate/Morthond – Split (tape)

Enthroned Darkness – Invoking The Void Of Darkness (demo cd)

Entsetzlich – Forest Of Despair (demo tape)

Eptagon – Agonia E Silenzio (demo cd)

Eptagon – Discrimen (ep cd)

Era Ov Dolor - From The Land Of Sorrow (ep)

Eternal Shadow – Raids Of The Eternal Shadow (demo cd)

Ethreum – Christus Funeratus (demo cd with Xeroxed cover)

Exetheris – Sick And Decadent Feelings (demo cd/tape)

Ezkathon - To Those Who Fell (cd album, digipack)

Faethon – Immortal Ancient Spirit (tape album)

Fearbringer - Tempus Fugit

Fjörd – Vor Tru (tape album)

Frost – Defendo Patria (ep tape)

Frozen Forest – Frozen Forest (demo tape)

Funebre – Death Is here

Ghostly Aerie Coven - Bird Of Prey (cd full length)

Gorge Of Cerberus – Morbid Necro Possession (demo cd)

Gort – Dissipatio Humani Generis (demo tape)

Gort – These Are The true Fucking Gort (rehearsal cdr)

Gort – We declare Destruction (demo tape)

Gort/Umbra Noctis – (Split cd)

Grimness/Hell Eternal – Live At Kristallnacht Fest (tape)

Grimorc – The Devils Touch (tape – swordslain version)

Grimwald – The Berserker (ep tape)

Griverion - The Call Of The Noose (cd full length)

Gromm/Wings Of War – Split (split album)

Grotte – From My Veins (demo cd)

Grotte – Solitude (tape)

Gyötrelem - Teljes Beteljesülés: HALÁL (demo tape)

Gyötrelem/Lepra – Live At Inner Awakening Fest (tape)

Hakuja – Legacy (demo cd)

Heathen Deity - True English Black Metal (full length cd)

Hecadoth – Dark Forest Calls (demo cd with xeroxed cover)

Hecadoth – W Odlegtej Krainie (demo cd with xeroxed cover)

Heimdalls Wacht – Der Untergang Der Alten Welt (tape album)

Heimnar/Beyond The Ninth Wave – split (demo tape)  

Heinrichreich – Druid (album cd)

Hell Eternal - Názáreti Dögölj Meg!!! (tape)

Hell Eternal/Qassam – Split (split tape)

Historiae – Genus MMV (demo cd)

Holdkrust – A New Aeon Of Total Darkness (demo cd)

Hor - Exitium (cd album)

Hor - No Birth Nor End (cd album)

Ieon - The Arrival Of Ieon (cd album)

Ieon - Pan. Dai. Monium (cd album)

Ieon - Alpha Ieon Omega (cd album limited edition with OBI strip)

Iffernet - Silences (cd album, digipack)

Ildra – To Elreordgum Landum (demo tape)I

nfamous - Of Solitude And Silence

Infamous - Abisso

In Fieri – Promo 99 (demo tape)

Infectus/Niedergang – Split (tape)

Infernal Necromancy – Reh. Demo 2002 (rehearsal tape)

Insanity Cult - As My Ends Unfolds (cd album)

Insidious Omen – Upon This Throne Of Waste And Decay (album tape)

Irmingot – Support The Underground (demo tape)

Jäger – Call Of The Wolf (demo cd)

Kältenmond/ Gyötrelem – Split (tape)

Kanto Arboretum - Kevyt On Murhe Kantaa (demo cd)

Kanto Arboretum - City Of Grass (demo cd)

Kanto Arboretum - The Prosperous Post-Apocalyptic World (full lenght)

Karehgod – Dark Demo (demo tape)

Katharsis – Terror, Storm And Darkest Arts (demo tape)

Kephra/Mourning Soul/ Gort/ Orcrist – Sigillum Solis (4 way split)

Kettersbloed – Rehearsal Tape 07 (rehearsal tape)

Kjeld – Tsjuster (demo tape)

Koltum – Course Of Evil (demo tape)

Kommandant – Iron Hands On Scandinavia (demo cd/tape)  

Krocht – Vaandeldrager/Actum (demo tape)

Krowos/Mystica Nox/Mors Spei - Under The Veil Of Death (split cd)

Krowos - Enthronig Our End (2021 cd reissue of 2013 full length)

Krvna - For Thine Is The Kingdom Of The Flesh (cd album)

L'Occ Dal Coruv - Deorum Manium Iura Sancta Sunto (cd album)

Lechia – Akt Woli (tape album)

Leichenstätte/Nostalgia/Grimlair/Todessucht/Moloch/ Hörgr - Suicide Reflections (split cd)

Lepra – Wounds Of Past Centuries (demo tape)

Life Illusion – Promo 2007 (promo cd)

Lilyum - Altar Of Fear (cd full length)
Lilyum - Circle Of Ashes (cd full length)
Lilyum - We Are Disobedience (cd full length)

Lintver – Madrigali Del Crepuscolo (album cd)

Lord Valtgryftåke - Buried Under The Carved Runes (album cd)

Lupercalia – The Moaning Age (cd ep 1999)

Lupercalia - Complete Darkness (tape compilation of both works+1 unreleased track.Limited to 100 copies)

Lyrinx – Nihilitic Purity (ep tape)

Malefic Mist/Ratsel – split (split cd)

Malefic Mist/Via Dolorosa – Split (demo tape)

Malefic Order – Siddet – Nefret – Yikim (demo tape)

Manach Seherath - Demo 2013 (demo cd)

Manth – A Conjuration Compelling Obedience (demo tape-pro cover)

Mardom - The Path Of No Return (ep cd)

Mardraum – Obsidian Autumn Rehearsals (tape)

Mardraum - Introitum Inferni (full length cd - limited to 300 copies)

Mephisto – Too Loud For The Hell (rehearsal tape)

Merciless Onslaught – Promo ’07 (promo tape)

Merciless Warfare – Satanic Liturgies Of Destruction (ep tape)

Midgard - Voran!(cd album)

Midgaard - Requiem (cd album)

Mons Veneris – The Last Twilight Of Existence (demo tape)

Moord – Negativum I (demo tape)

Moravská Zima – Pod Praporem Vítězství (demo tape-pro cover)

Morbifer – Promo (promo cd)

Mortiis Daemonium – I.N.R.I. (cd)

Mortiis Daemonium – Libertà (cd)

Mourning Soul – The Mourning Tape (demo tape)

Mourning Soul - Chaosophy (cd album)

Movimento D’Avanguardia Ermetico – Ignis (tape album)

Murdermass/Mortiis Daemonium – Split (tape)

My Dearest Wound - The Burial

Myrkvidr – Lihan Teologia (demo tape)

Narbeleth - Svmma Cvm Nox Arcana (digipack cd)

Narbeleth - A PAle Crown (cd digipack full length)

Nar Mataron – Awakening Of The Ancient Greece (demo tape)

Natt – Cursed By Eternal Agony (cd)

Nattsvargr/Yaotzin/Adversary/Infernal Damnation – Dawn Of The New Dark Age (split tape)

Nekrarchon - Gehinnam (cd album)

Nekysia – Manes Exite Paterni (tape)

Nidhogg - Nidhogg (mini cd)

Niedergang - Átkoskönyv (cd album)

Nigra Mors - Nigra Mors (cd ep)

Nigra Mors - Cineri Gloria Sera Venit (cd album)

Nocternity – Crucify Him (tape ep+bonus tracks)

Nostalgya – Nekroromantyk Saga (tape – ambient)

Nova Lux – Mar Volucro (ep)

Nunslaughter – Devil Metal (tape)

Obscurum – Terror From The North (demo tape)

Obscurum Malum – Effatá (demo cd)

Obscurum Malum - Phantasma (demo cd)

Occultarum - Successio In Abruptum (cd album)

Odiuos Devotion - Ilmestys (cd album)

Ondfødt - I (cd ep)

Onferno - Catharctic Offerings (demo cd)

Oppressive Light - Life Hates Me... (cd album)

Pergamen – Psychopoetik (cd album)

Per la lumon – Self tortured solitude (demo tape)

Permafrost – Live In Zeitz (cd live)

Permafrost – Tod Geboren (demo tape)

Perverse Monastyr – Велцкопсмнц Џ Ласжалнц Леснопенця (Promo Tape)

Pessimista - Uma saída (cd digipack+poster and stickers)

Piorun – Stajemy Jak Ojce (tape album)

Pornographic Requiem – Io Odio Questo Demo (demo cd)

Proclamation – Black Conjuration reh. (rehearsal tape)

Progetto: Chaosgoat666 – Cosmic Eraser Of Lifeforms (demo tape)

Purbawisesa – Glorification Ov Terror Disharmony (demo tape)

Ravnsang – Stories From Ancient Times (demo tape)

Rovina – L’inizio della fine (demotape xeroxed cover)

Sagntid – Socialt Opburgt (demo tape)

Saturnia Tellus – Elysivm (cd)

Sepulchrum – Sermo Sup Sepulchrum (tape)

Sieghetnar – Bewußtseinserweiterung (cd)

Skalf - Vallis Decia (Le Voci Dei Dispersi)

Skógr - In Obscure Darkness (cd)

Skuggeheim – Vinterrikets Konge (demo tape)

Sodomizer - Jesus Is Not Here Today (full lenght cd)

Solitude Project – Suicide Psychosis (demo cd limited to 66 copies)

Solitude Project/Vita Odiosa - De Miseria Humanae Conditionis (split cd)

Sorg Innkallelse – Into The Dark Tower (cd album, limited to 199 copies)

Stige - Where Darkness Prevails (demo cd)

Stilte – Verpulver (demo cd)

Sulphuria – Caelum Sanguineum (cd)

Teloch – Towards Perdition (demo tape )

Tenebra – Through Crying Souls I See What I Was…(tape)

Tenebra Arcana - Luna (ep)

Tenebrarvm – Under The Shade Of The Moon (demo cd)

The Blessed Hellbrigade – Two Steps to Aim Annihilation – Metastasi (demo tape)

The Dead Musician – Anarcho Black Metal (demo tape)

Tomb – Sacrilegium (tape)

Tomhet – Eklipsens Hord Och Karavan (demo tape)

Tomhet – Purpureargotamiceps (demo tape)

Torsgard – 1996-2010 (tape album)

Tundra/Alastor – The Forbidden Fruit Of Purity (split cd)

Umbra Noctis - Asylum
Umbra Noctis - Via Mala
Umbra Noctis - Il Primo Volo

Umbra Noctis – Luce Oltre Il Confine (cd)

Urlo Nero – Abbi Fede (demo cd)

Vaino - Metsänpeitto (cd album)

Valefar/Arcanum Inferi/Lux Maesta – In Tenebris Flamma Trinitas (split tape)

Valhalla (Aut) – Power & Might (album tape) 1 copy

Veiled Moon – …As Fallen Leaves… (cd/tape)

Vex – Demo I (demo tape)

Vita Odiosa – Cogito Ergo Crucior (cd)

Vita Odiosa – Viale Del Tramonto (demo cd)

Vita Odiosa/Gemini - ...Of Sorrow & Silence (split cd)

V-Kaos – Demo I (demo tape)

Voltumna – Chimera (demo cd)

Von Hexe/ Krowos/ Kolac - HerebusTrinity Rebus (cd split, digipack)

Votum Deae – I Sentieri Dell’inverno (cd) 

Vulthum - Shadowvoid (cd album)

Wacht – Wacht/ Fin Cha'l Muond Es Sfrachà (tape compilation)

Walpurgisnacht – Moerasghesomp Warground - Life And Death (Ep cd - doom/drone)

Warnungstraum – Inter Peritura (cd album)

Wendol - Wallachian Tyrannic Madness (cd demo)

Werwolf/Mortiis Daemonium – Split (cd/tape)

While Sad Spirits Around Me Stroll – In The Distance… (tape)

Wilds Forlorn - Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes (ep tape)

Wilds Forlorn - The Great Loss (tape full length)

Windstorm – Eternal Gods Forgotten (demo tape)

Witch Head Nebula - Krzyki Z Pròzny (Full Length cd)

Withermoon - A Testament To Our Will (cd album)


Prices: Pro-tape - 5€ Tape with xeroxed copies - 4€ Pro cd - 12€ Demo cd - 5€ EP - 7€